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Build to Suit Opportunities

If you wish to construct a new building for your company, The Trowbridge Group can help with build to suit sites. We’ll work with you to find a site, whether it’s open land or an existing building. Build to suit sites are retrofits or are built from the ground up, and you can either lease or buy the build to suit project.

Man placing ceiling tiles during building construction
Building interior during construction

What We Can Do

Our full-service process involves several steps that make the design evolve until it is what you want:

Site Selection

We can help you find the right site location for your project.

Concept & Architectural Design

Let us leverage years of design experience to help you determine the right concept.

Space Planning

We can help you plan the best and most efficient ways of utilizing your space.

Lease Preparation

We'll help draw-up all the necessary paperwork regarding a new lease.


We'll handle all the construction and develop your building on time and budget.


We'll assist with all the logistics regarding your move-in.

The right office space can increase productivity, save money, improve customer satisfaction, use space efficiently, provide a more pleasing environment, and much more. You’ll be surprised how efficiently your business runs in a space designed for your specific needs.

We can help you!

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