Lease to Own

The Trowbridge Group Offers Lease to Own Opportunities

If you wish to own the building you plan to construct, The Trowbridge Group offers lease to own opportunities. If property ownership is important to you, then this option may be the most attractive because the time-consuming, stressful part of managing the construction is done by The Trowbridge Group, and you have time to accrue more funding.

Our full-service, step-by-step process for lease to own opportunities is similar to our build to suit process except that you lease the building before you buy it. You determine the length of the lease period, which is typically around one to five years, and you can either purchase the building at a predetermined time, such as one or two years after taking occupancy, or you can set a time period in which to buy it, such as within three to five years.

The process includes:

  • Site selection
  • Concept design
  • Financing
  • Lease preparation
  • Space planning
  • Architectural design
  • Purchase agreement
  • Construction
  • Move-in
  • Lease
  • Purchase

Please give us a call at 608-849-9789 for more information. We can creatively meet your lease to own needs!

Project Details

  • Location : You Choose!
  • Suite Sizes : You choose!
  • Meeting Rooms : You choose!
  • Amenities : You choose!
  • Outdoors : You choose!
  • Parking : You choose!
  • Access : You choose!